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San Francisco, California, United States
Friday, May 25, 2012

With the Myanmar visa (that needed an expensive FedEx round trip to Washington DC and some anxious days spent leaving voice messages and emails for the Myanmar embassy) arriving a week earlier than expected (thanks to our constant pestering), and the in-person China visa obtained from our fair city (San Francisco - the most "chinese" of western cities) yesterday, we have room to go one more in San Francisco - Vietnam! Our original plan was to get this in Kunming or Vientiane but that may involve days lost in those cities waiting for visas or paying extra for expedited processing. So, why not get it at home?

Laos and Cambodia allow Visa-on-arrival at land borders. Vietnam only allows that in their 3 international airports and that too with prior approval processing through a travel agency. It won't work for us as we plan to make overland crossings into all 3 countries.

After submitting the application at the Vietnam Consulate in San Francisco, M writes:

Took the cable car from the corner of California and Van Ness and rode
all the way to the ferry building.  Best commute ever ! I love SF ! 

10 more days to go!

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